The social welfare programs at Moving Mountains Kenya focus on creating safe, warm, and loving environments for the disadvantaged children and young adults of the community.

Social Welfare is Child Welfare at Embu Rescue Center

Our primary social welfare programmes work with disadvantaged children across Kenya to provide them with the security, love, and education that they need in order to thrive and grow into adults. These child welfare programmes are designed to address many of the issues that orphaned and street children face in Kenya, including lack of stable housing, lack of nutrition, and lack of emotional support.

One of our first children social welfare programmes was the Embu Rescue Centre for Street Children in Eastern Kenya. Here, we have created a space where children can come and receive support from caring adult staff and volunteers.

Accommodation in Embu

Our centre in Embu is open every day, providing street kids in Embu with showers, toilets, free meals, and access to our educational and vocational workshops that are run from the centre. Currently, we care for about 100 to 120 children each day. During severe droughts, as the price of food increases in Kenya, that number rises to 150.

The social welfare programmes at our Embu Rescue Center have seen many success stories, from children returning to education to growing up and purchasing new homes for their families. 

Supporting Social Welfare through Infrastructure

One of our most exciting social welfare programmes in Kenya works on the infrastructure in an area of the country known as Solio. In recent times, this region has an extremely interesting history and we’re very excited about the work we’ve been doing there.

In 2008, the government of Kenya designated Solio as a home for displaced people. There are about 20,000 people living there. For years, they were living in temporary housing. Solio became a refugee camp instead of a safe home.

Solio Village 14

That is why Moving Mountains Kenya began the Solio Village Community Infrastructure project, aimed at turning this displaced persons camp into a safe and healthy community. This 10-year infrastructure development project aims at supporting the people of Solio to build and reinforce their own infrastructure through the construction of schools, housing, and health facilities.

We firmly believe that the basis for a safe and healthy community is a functioning infrastructure.  It is our hope that working in partnership with the Solio community, we will be able to turn Solio into a thriving community.

Social Welfare Programmes as Long-Term Development

All of our social welfare programmes, whether it is those outlined above, our work with Mama Fatima Goodwill Children’s Home, or any of the other projects we run around Kenya, are all focused on long-term development goals.

We don’t run a single project in isolation. Instead, every school we build, or child we care for is part of our larger aim: to create healthy, sustainable communities that can care for themselves both emotionally and financially.

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es where we work. Below you will find links to all our programmes we have run over the years.