School Adventures

We run popular, safe and well proven school expeditions to Kenya, Nepal and Borneo. All of these trips can be tailored to specific aims and objectives in support of Moving Mountains and the local communities where we work. 

The trips last between two and four weeks generally and our provider Adventure Alternative provides all of the services such as transport, accommodation and staffing, while we provide the community service project and the training beforehand. This includes a proper preparation for the trip and a programme of development education focussing on global citizenship, sustainable development goals and personal leadership. 

All of our programmes are long term investments in people so we like to work with schools in a similar way, developing a relationship whereby Moving Mountains delivers a service to the school that enhances the extra-curricular programme and sits well with subjects such as ethics and personal development for sixth form students. A lot of young people find that their time with Moving Mountains is particularly helpful with future job interviews and career choices. We assist with references and careers advice for those interested in the third sector. 

We have been running school trips since 1996 and we have a very professional and well established set-up in Kenya and Nepal. The Moving Mountains Education programme in Kenya in particular sits very well with visiting groups who very often go on to create long term friendships with beneficiaries online. This really does promote our ethos of equality and empowerment, since our students will gain self esteem and confidence as they pursue their own lives in tertiary level education, apprenticeships or family life. 

We now see that these relationships formed during these visits have in themselves created enormous positivity for everyone involved, and some of the stories from people who have come back years later to tell us that their time with us was the changing point in their lives are truly inspirational. They reflect our strapline of moving mountains and changing lives perfectly. 


Personal development through school adventures 

Our school trips are part adventure holiday, part travel experience and part learning programme about social responsibility and global citizenship. We have developed a great itinerary for international and personal development since 1996 and our track record for safety is faultless. Our staff have been with us for well over a decade and have a fantastic rapport with young people and the experience to manage our trips abroad. 

Back home our training scheme and preparation is key to the success of the trips. Development education is a vital part of any such preparation, and we endeavour to look at stereotypes and prejudices and concepts of aid in light of sustainable development goals and global citizenship. A lot of our teams have never travelled abroad and the experience is naturally very intense and highly influential, we want to make sure that we take that responsibility seriously.