Moving Mountains Nepal

A chance meeting over twenty years ago between Gavin and a young Sherpa called Ang Chhongba Sherpa who was working as a porter led to a friendship that has resulted in a complete turnaround of several villages in the Himalaya and the formation of a great social development organisation called Moving Mountains Nepal.

If you visit Bumburi and Bupsa you will see full schools, families bringing up their children in homes with improved smokeless cooking stoves, refurbished monasteries, a hydro-electric power plant, profitable businesses putting money into a well run co-operative and people who have worked together to create a thriving community in this beautiful part of the world. There is an entrepreneurial spirit here that only needed investment and a catalyst to trigger a turnaround which has become an inspirational tale.

MM Nepal has supported young people through tertiary level education, and the communities continue to grow as the villages become more popular as a place to bring up a family. The co-operative makes a profit and the products they sell in the markets of Namche Bazaar are competing successfully with similar products from India and Kathmandu.

2016 Moving Mountains Nepal Board

Chairman - Ang Chhongba Sherpa
Vice Chairman - Pasang Tendi Sherpa
Treasurer - Gelgen Sherpa
Secretary - Sonam Sherpa
Member - Bambale Sherpa
Member - Lhakpa Yangji Sherpa
Member - Saraswoti Sherpa

The work done in Nepal is funded by Moving Mountains UK and grants are given every three months depending on the active programmes at the time. All the work is designed with a long term holistic motivation so we find that the projects interlink and overlap, benefitting the whole community to an extent that we have seen a big increase in new families and new businesses springing up. 

Social Enterprise

Microfinance or social finance for local income generating projects that have a social benefit and stimulus for the community or environment such as investing in businesses that use the electricity from the hydro power (for example machinery that makes flour and oil from corn) in order for the village co-operative to make money.

Utilities and Projects

Building of water tanks and pipelines, maintenance of a hydro-electric plant, and refurbishment of monasteries as well as funding of a teaching lama, plus building and renovating of clinics or medical institutions.

Social Welfare and Health

Providing facilities at medical institutions and running free medical health camps in the villages and collecting data on the health of the region. We have also put in a medical clinic in Bumburi. 

School and Facilities

Secondary School fees - for children aged 11 - 17 years at the Sapta Gandaki School in Kathmandu
College fees - college courses, university fees or vocational training costs
School classrooms and facilities - new builds or refurbishments
Teaching resources - books, stationery and IT equipment
Teacher salaries - supplemental for Government teachers