The seed for Moving Mountains Nepal was planted in 1998 when the founder Gavin Bate met Ang Chhongba Sherpa, who was working as a porter at that time having qualified as a solicitor but found himself without work at the start of the Maoist conflict. The two quickly formed a fast friendship and ran many trips together for clients. After these trips Gavin would go to stay in Ang's village of Bumburi in the Solu Khumbu and became part of the community there.

Together Gavin and Ang dreamt up a long term plan for the rejuvenation of the entire area encompassing several villages which had been partly demolished and were run down after the conflict. This led to the founding of Moving Mountains Nepal, and the main aims were hydro-electric power, education, health and the renovation of several Buddhist monasteries. Since that time, the whole area has completely changed, to such an extent that the three villages have experienced continued growth, especially for young families looking for a good quality of life with schools, a clinic, employment, clean water and power, and clean air.  

Moving Mountains Nepal Board

Chairman -        Ang Chhongba Sherpa
Vice Chairman - Pasang Tendi Sherpa
Treasurer -       Gelgen Sherpa
Secretary -       Sonam Sherpa
Member -          Bambale Sherpa
Member -          Lhakpa Yangji Sherpa
Member -          Saraswoti Sherpa

The charitable work of Moving Mountains Nepal is funded by Moving Mountains UK and for many years the expeditions that Gavin ran to Mount Everest created a lot of publicity and money. Nowadays Moving Mountains strives to be one of the best charities by investing in long term development goals and holistic programmes that address the concerns of local communities.

bupsa family, nepal.jpg
Gavin with Ang Chhongba (3rd from left), Pasang Tendi (1st from left), Lhakpa Yangji (right) and villagers in Bumburi.

Gavin and Pasang Tendi on the summit of Everest in 2011, raising awareness and money for Moving Mountains.