Health programmes

Moving Mountains Kenya is proud to offer support and guidance to health clinics providing essential care to underserved communities across Kenya. As part of our Health Programmes in Kenya, we work with clinics in the slums of Nairobi and in rural areas to provide them with funding, equipment, and medical elective students.

Our funding for these life-saving projects comes primarily from the fundraising done by our medical elective students. These funds are essential to the clinics we support. They allow us to purchase life-saving technology, tools, and to provide salaries for doctors and nurses providing essential care to individuals living in Kenya.

Our Medical Elective and Medical Camp programs also help us provide assistance to these underserved populations in the form of human resources. The medical students who take an elective with Moving Mountains are bringing their skills and education where it is needed most: to serve disadvantaged communities in Africa. They provide support to the doctors and nurses on the ground, helping to alleviate the burden of being understaffed and overworked.

If you believe that underserved communities across Kenya deserve access to reliable, quality healthcare, please consider making a donation to our programs today.

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Supporting Community Focused Healthcare in Africa

Moving Mountains Kenya supports clinics and hospitals that focus on providing good quality care to their communities. Our aim in our health programmes in Kenya is to improve the overall quality of life for the communities. 

To us, community-focused healthcare means that the doctors and nurses are focused on the needs of the community, not simply the needs or desires of the hospitals. We urge our partners to eliminate corruption, to receive high levels of training, and to adhere to our strict requirements for our support and funding.

In the heart of the Kibera slum, the largest slum in Nairobi, we sponsor the Ushirika Clinic. This clinic is a critical lifeline for the quarter of a million people living in cramped and unhygienic conditions in the Kibera slum. Ushirika provides frontline care for the population of Kibera.

This clinic is open 24 hours per day and serves both inpatients and outpatients. They have a full-time staff of 13 with the facilities for minor surgeries, HIV patients, and TB patients.

We’ve supported this clinic since 1993. In that time, we’ve constructed a maternity wing, a ward, clean toilets, and more. In return for our support, we hold this clinic up to our strict standards and are working with them to eradicate corruption and position the clinic as a center for a healthy and happy community.


Promoting the Health of Mothers and Children

Another important factor of our health projects in Kenya is a focus on the well-being of mothers and children. As the cornerstone of a strong family and a strong society, we believe in supporting women and children from the prenatal stage through childhood and beyond.

In order to support this, we helped construct a maternity ward at the Ushirika Clinic in Kibera, Nairobi. Beyond this, we also provide support for the Dophil Clinic and Maternity Home in the impoverished rural district of Siaya in Western Kenya.

Siaya is a remote and underserved community where young mothers and mother-to-be run the risk of health complications that could lead to serious long-term issues or even death if untreated. To combat this, the Dophil Clinic provides specialized mother and child health care, a pediatric ward, and family planning support.

However, the Dophil Clinic isn’t exclusively focused on mothers and children. They also offer HIV care, as well as a laboratory, theatre, and provide specialist care.

This clinic is nearly self-sufficient, but they still rely on Moving Mountains for a small amount of support in the form of funding for lifesaving equipment. We also send medical elective students to work and study at this hospital, learning from the doctors who dedicate their lives to serving the rural populations of Siaya.


Supporting Health Projects in Kenya

Our work with these hospitals and in the medical camps that we run in Kenya are founded on the idea that healthy individuals build a healthy society. Our support of these clinics and doctors is essential in helping them run smoothly and provide the best possible care to disadvantaged and underserved populations in Africa.

In order to continue providing this support, Moving Mountains Kenya needs funding. Primarily this comes from the medical students who take our medical elective programs. If you are a medical student who wants to learn from and give back to communities in Africa, consider joining our Medical Elective Program in Kenya.

If you are inspired by our work in Kenya and would like to give back, please consider making a donation today.