Vision  Mission  Aims  Objectives  How we support people

Our Vision 

Moving Mountains Trust is a non-profit development NGO with an emphasis on long term relationships and support. Our vision is to move mountains for people to succeed and improve their quality of life. We believe that people who are educated and healthy and recognized as equal global citizens have greater opportunities.

Our Mission 

  • We want to help people enjoy equality and equal opportunity, and have a positive impact on society.
  • We want to help people achieve their potential and become the architects of their own success.
  • We want to challenge prejudice and stereotyping and create a fair model of development with our partners.
  • We aim for a democratic and non-prescriptive model of development which begins with people, attitudes and relationships.
  • We work with local stakeholders to find solutions to social, environmental and economic challenges, and are of a team where collaboration is the key.
  • We are underpinned by a duty to protect human rights and to promote social justice and equality for everyone

Our Charitable Aims

Our remit falls under the following categories:

  • The prevention of relief of poverty
  • The advancement of education
  • The advancement of health or the saving of lives
  • The advancement of citizenship or community development
  • The relief of those in need by reason of youth, age, gender, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage

Our Charitable Objectives

As specified in our Trust Deed:

(i) the provision of financial assistance, food, clothing and shelter to children and their families who are homeless or living in desperate conditions to help advance their education, relieve their poverty and promote their ambitions, hopes and dreams.

(ii) the provision of financial assistance, advice and expertise for self-help projects, schemes and rehabilitation camps for street children in order to promote practical and vocational skills, the production of food and income, good citizenship and standing in the local community, plus an increased sense of personal self-esteem and enjoyment of life.

(iii) the financial assistance and otherwise for setting up useful rural and urban community programmes which are environmentally responsible and which promote empowerment and sustainable development; this includes facilities and projects in the interests of education, social welfare, the improvement of existing conditions and the promotion of awareness to a wider audience.

(iv) the relief of sickness and the safeguarding of health by grants of money for:
(a) the provision of drugs and medical appliances, and the support of medical and other  personnel engaged in and for such purposes.
(b) the provision and support of facilities in the interests of social welfare for the relief of sickness and distress.
(c) the promotion of public education in all matters relating to HIV and AIDS.
(d) the prevention of children's diseases through conditions brought about by severe poverty and lack of education.

(v) the development and joint maintenance of community groups in areas benefiting from all of the above whereby specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-bound objectives are evaluated, supervised, implemented and monitored so that the benefits can serve the community for years to come; this includes the provision of volunteers and personnel, shared management and implementation of projects, training, maintenance, advice and arbitration over problems or disputes plus assistance with accounts and records.

(vi) to advance the education of the public in global citizenship and youth development through expeditions in all areas of operation.

How we support people

The UK charity raises funds and provides grants to its NGO partners in Kenya and Nepal and elsewhere to fund projects and programmes that reflect it's central aims of the relief of poverty and community development and uphold it's values.

The money is collected by fundraising events and a range of donors and supporters, and the UK trustees work closely with the in-country NGO trustees and the local communities and beneficiaries to decide on the level of commitment, the amount of funding, and the parameters of the donation.

The beneficiaries of our work are disadvantaged children, young people, families and communities in developing countries, namely Kenya, Nepal, Borneo and Tanzania. The general public in each of the countries in which we work are also indirect beneficiaries of our work. We also support volunteers through participation in a guided personal development experience whilst supporting community development in Africa and Asia.

Our activities incur no harm to any person or persons, we take measures to ensure that this is the case and to protect staff, beneficiaries, the wider community and all stakeholders who are involved with or affected by our work. We utilise risk assessment analysis to identify and mitigate any potential negative consequences related to our work and use this information in the formulation and implementation of our projects and programmes. no individuals receive private benefit from the operation of the charity other than incidental benefits through working with our organisation.

The grants we give financially support two areas of developmental work:

1. Projects - these are long term infrastructure projects supporting community development including the building and renovation of school classrooms, clinics, monasteries, hydro-electric power plants, water wells, water supply and distribution, tree planting and investment in income-generating items such as corn grinders, tea cutters and ovens.

2. Programmes - these are long term investments in people which include teachers salaries and supplemental income, educational costs for children from pre-school to university level, counselling and emotional support, vocational training, medical costs, sports clubs, youth development and a feeding programme for street children.

We also invest in small businesses and social enterprises to benefit communities and individuals, and we use our link with Adventure Alternative to provide direct employment through tourism for many beneficiaries and community members.