Below this text you will find links to all the schools we have built over the years and the programmes we run in country to provide help for children in education.

Long-Term Sustainable Education Development

One of the core beliefs behind Moving Mountains Kenya is the belief that only long-term sustainable development programs will address the problems facing our communities in Kenya. We realize that one quick project won’t be able to have a lasting impact.

In order for all the children in our communities to have access to quality education, we invest in long-term projects that tackle the problem from all angles. Whether we’re improving the infrastructure of existing schools, running capacity building workshops for teachers, or delivering school supplies to disadvantaged young students, we are including these small initiatives as part of our larger goal: to improve education and thereby improve the employability and living standards for our communities in Kenya.

Greater Access to Primary Education in Kenya

Since the beginning, one of our main projects has been improving access to primary education in Kenya. In the education system in Kenya today, many children don’t have access to quality primary education. This may be due to lack of resources, poor infrastructure, or simply that the children live too far from the nearest school.

In the communities where Moving Mountains works, we cooperate closely with local authorities and school boards to improve access to education for all the children. In some instances, this means building new school buildings or renovating existing schools, such as at the Barkawandu Primary School, where Moving Mountains has constructed classrooms, installed windows, and repaired floors with the help of international volunteers and local skilled workers.

Other times, it means supplying children with textbooks, notebooks, or school uniforms; or paying salaries of teachers. 

Whenever we work on a primary school, we work to build a lasting relationship with the school, authorities, and community. Our improvements are meant to be sustainable and long-lasting.

Focus on Early Childhood Education

Moving Mountains supports early childhood education programs in several different communities in Kenya. These programs focus on parents and children within the community.

For children, early childhood education and development is an essential part of early learning and preparation for primary school. Research shows that students who have access to early childhood education do far better than their peers in primary and even secondary school.

For parents, these early childhood education programs take some of the burdens of parenthood, giving them time to pursue their careers and earn more income to support their families. These programs also help impress upon parents the importance of education in a child’s life.

At the Malunga Primary School in Western Kenya, 40 children are now enrolled in the early childhood development programme we initiated at the school.

Moving Mountains is proud to support early childhood education in Kenya and will continue to do so well into the future, thanks to support from our donors and volunteers.

Moving Mountains Kenya: A Holistic Approach to Education

Throughout all of our educational programmes in primary school and secondary schools across Kenya, Moving Mountains approaches educational development from a holistic paradigm. This means we approach the issue from the infrastructure to the students, teachers, and even extra-curricular programming.

Working at the infrastructural level, Moving Mountains has renovated school buildings, installed toilets, clean water systems, and even eco-stoves for school kitchens. For students, Moving Mountains provides uniforms, supplies, and more financial support to children in need. For parents and teachers, we offer capacity building and subsidies for salaries. Even with extracurriculars, Moving Mountains supports the non-examinable subjects such as music, art, and drama, as well as athletic initiatives like our successful Black Cats programme.

No matter what work we are doing, Moving Mountains Kenya always puts the needs of our community first and foremost. We've worked on education in Kenya for over 20 years, always with the long-term vision of a world where every child has access to a high-quality education and the opportunities it affords.

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