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Each beneficiary we support is an individual case with whom we work closely, providing mentoring and counseling, monitoring educational progress, providing support with career planning and future employment and involving the family, community, school and other local contacts to ensure that each beneficiary feels fully supported and is able to achieve their full potential.

Support the education of a child in need by making a donation to Moving Mountains Kenya's educational programs today.

Beneficiaries must meet the criteria of Moving Mountains Kenya's Educational Support Policy. This stipulates that all beneficiaries of the programme must be selected from disadvantaged, low-income households and that they must maintain high levels of attendance, good academic performance and excellent conduct and application to their studies. 

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The support we provide through the programme includes payment of fees (primary, secondary, college, vocational and university) and funding of transport, uniforms, stationery and equipment costs for beneficiary students. Most importantly of all, the programme provides ongoing support and advice from our dedicated staff, led by our experienced counselor and mentor Serah Kinuthia, also the former headteacher for many years at Muthurwa Primary in Nairobi where the work of Moving Mountains Kenya first began. Mrs. Kinuthia is supported by our other programme staff who are all qualified and experienced social workers and youth workers.

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History of the Project

Supporting education and vocational training for disadvantaged young people and children was the original basis of the formation of Moving Mountains in Kenya and remains at the heart of our work, continuing to be one of our core activities in Kenya. Moving Mountains Chairman and founder Gavin Bate began supporting street children in Nairobi, collaborating with Muthurwa Primary School, serving an urban slum community in Nairobi, and headteacher Mrs. Serah Kinuthia to ensure a basic education for these children and young people who had been excluded from education and were on the margins of Kenyan society. 

This support has continued to this day with Mrs. Kinuthia now the head of Moving Mountains' Educational Support Programme. We have supported many students right through their education, from primary school to college and into employment. We have so many great stories and individual successes, students from the streets, from urban slum communities and from impoverished rural households who have gone on to gain an education and employment and who are now providing an income for their families and supporting the development of their communities. 

Many of our staff members in Kenya have gone from being former beneficiaries of the charity, supported through their education by Moving Mountains, to become community leaders and role models. Beneficiaries who have graduated from our education programme are now mentoring the next generations of young people through their education and into employment and sustainable livelihoods. 

Main Donors

- Moving Mountains Trust  
- Moving Mountains Volunteers
- Africampers 
- Individual donors

Get Involved

Volunteering - teaching non-examinable subjects such as music, sport, arts, ethics, plus running extra-curricular clubs and providing small group reading lessons, mentoring and group therapy work.

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Future Aims

We will continue to support disadvantaged students through their education in Kenya, providing support to children and their families and working with the schools and the wider community to ensure each beneficiary receives full support to pursue their education and flourish. 

If you would like to support the education of a student in Kenya through Moving Mountains please get in touch to discuss options: info@movingmountainstrust.org.

Or you can make a donation directly to our educational programs in Kenya.


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