Copy of Social Welfare donate.pngBumburi Primary School has benefited hugely from Moving Mountains involvement. The school has not only been fully renovated but has doubled in size and now caters for primary and secondary school age.

New desks and chairs, teaching equipment and materials have all been provided, along with salaries paid for seven teachers by Moving Mountains, resulting in a significant increase in educational standards in the region.

Electricity has also arrived at Bumburi Primary thanks to our hydro-electricity project, and it is now one of the few rural schools able to incorporate computer skills into their curriculum. The school now has about 210 children and sufficient teachers, and students' academic performance has improved remarkably in a short space of time.


History of Bumburi Primary School

Until Moving Mountains arrived, Bumburi School was a small one-story stone building with only four classrooms and few other facilities. In fact it had shut down during the years of the Maoist conflict. Moving Mountains, school staff, students and the local community came together to create a vision for developing the school and turning it into a high performing educational institution and a source of pride for the local community and surrounding area.


In a wider view, the reconstruction of Bumburi School and the addition of teachers allows it to operate as a secondary school. This means that more children will want to come here to study, which brings new families to Bumburi. This contributes to the economic growth of the village, which in turn enables the village to develop facilities to attract more tourists, stimulating further economic growth. Providing a decent standard of education to all children in the area is an important part of this long-term plan.


Main Donors

- Gavin’s Everest climbs

- Himalayacamp Volunteers (Adventure Alternative)

Get Involved

1. Volunteer at Bumburi Primary School as a helper. 

2. Visit this stunning part of the world as part of a fundraising trip to Nepal and help pay for the teachers salaries and the books we buy for the school and additional equipment like computers.

Would you like to get involved? Would you like to help? Would your school, university, family group, or a group of friends like to visit these places? Why not fundraise for a project and come out and get involved? Contact us on info@movingmountainstrust.org for more details, or have a look at some of the Moving Mountains trips that we run through our partner Adventure Alternative (who manage our international trips) here: Volunteering Trips. Schools Trips. Medical Trips.

Future Aims

Our plan at Bumburi Primary is to continue the expansion of the school to offer full secondary education, up to Class 10. Eventually, we would like to see the number of children in school increase to around 250. 




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