The power provided by the hydroelectric plant that we installed in 2005 has completely turned around the fortunes of a once overlooked end-of-trail village as well as positively changing the socio-economic profile of the region. And all of this has been done in an environmentally sustainable way which utilises, respects, and protects the magnificent natural surroundings of the village of Bumburi. The community here has been completely transformed. 

Moving Mountains Nepal Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Bumburi map 1.png

Providing clean, renewable power and light to all of the homes in Bumburi has helped to improve the quality of life for the villagers and allows school children to study after dark. The project has also ensured that the local Primary School has electricity, allowing computers to be donated to the school and bringing basic IT to a rural area of the Himalayas.

Hydro-Electric Power Plant, Bumburi 2.png


History of the Hydro-Electric Power Plant in Bumburi

2005 - Building of the hydro project over a period of twelve months and following expert consultations. 


2011 - Repairs and building of a new reserve tank and header tank


Ongoing and Future Aims

The aim is to provide Bumburi and Bupsa with the means and the know-how to continue their economic development and use responsible tourism through Adventure Alternative to create additional sustainable revenue streams for the local communities. Local employment is also created and sustained by Adventure Alternative Nepal which sources all its porters, guides, and cooks from this area.

The project is part of a long-term vision to develop a disadvantaged region of the lower Khumbu (120 km from Mt Everest) so that the village can offer high levels of education, health, social welfare and business opportunities. Previously people left Bumburi to go to the capital Kathmandu to find work. Now, they choose to live in Bumburi because they have electricity, jobs, and a thriving community in which to bring up their families.

The capital investment provided by Moving Mountains for this project and for other projects in the region is complemented by the ongoing programmes we fund in the villages. Over time, through the hard work of the villagers and MM Nepal plus the support of Moving Mountains and our donors, Bumburi and Bupsa are becoming vibrant rural communities and regional hubs providing vital services for many surrounding villages in the area.


Main Donors

Mount Everest expeditions by Gavin - many generous sponsors!

Adventure Alternative Gap Year Students - Elli, Laura, James, James, Alex, Rachel, Chris, Helena.

Get Involved

- Go on holiday to this region and help bring tourism back to the Solukhumbu and support the local people with business. You can join one of our projects in the area to lend a hand too and learn about building techniques in the Himalaya. 

- Visit the project via a HimalayaCamp trip with your school, college, university, business, sports club or any organisation of which you are a part. 

- Undertake a volunteering placement with Moving Mountains in Nepal