Medical electives

The medical electives have a direct link with the medical programmes we run in Moving Mountains related to health provision for our health workers and our community health programmes in remote and urban slum areas. Dates are flexible and we take students from all over the world. 

Any medical elective student who comes on our trips pays a trip fee to Adventure Alternative and also raises some money for Moving Mountains. Our electives also meet the requirements of British medical schools and we provide a full service to provide the placement itself and also all the details of accommodation, meals and transport. All the electives are correctly supervised and the medical staff will supply the correct paperwork for your elective tutor. 

The placements contribute to a wider picture which is the long term sustainability of the institution you are visiting and the long term developmental aims that we have in place. This is to avoid the pitfall of students coming over for a short time to take advantage of an experience they might not get at home, and the host community receiving little in return. In other words we ask that you raise money for Moving Mountains so that we can employ community health workers, nurses and even Doctors, and help to support our programmes (like community health campaigns) and projects (like fitting out rural clinics). 

Medical Elective in Kenya

We offer placements in either the Siaya District hospital in western Kenya near Lake Victoria, a few hours east of Kisumu, or a semi-urban hospital in the market town of Embu, about two hours east of Nairobi. There is also the option of doing your elective in a private medical clinic called Dophil which acts as a satellite clinic to Siaya General.

The range of services delivered in both hospitals and the clinic is very wide, offering a very comprehensive experience for the medical student and there is qualified supervision throughout. The electives run for four to eight weeks and Adventure Alternative in Kenya manages all the logistics of your trip such as accommodation and transport and some of the staffing.

There is plenty of opportunity to go on safari, travel the country and organise lots of activities over the weekends or after your elective period. We provide excellent accommodation in both western Kenya and in Embu, areas which are perfectly safe and where we have a large network of staff and colleagues.

The money raised for Moving Mountains from our medical students contributes to the employment of social workers, counsellors and community health workers in Kenya who deliver our programmes to the communities where you will be working. The money also helps us deliver community health campaigns which might cover sex education, pre-natal and post-natal clinics, sanitation or family planning. The house where you stay in western Kenya charges a rent which directly funds the welfare of all the children in the Ulamba Childrens Home, and the rent for staying in the house in Embu contributes to the Embu rescue centre.

Medical Elective in Nepal

This elective can be from a minimum of two weeks up to eight weeks and is at the Tribhuvan teaching hospital in Kathmandu. Accommodation is at our very friendly guesthouse about fifteen minutes away which is more of a homestay. The hospital is quite large and offers supervised medical electives with ward rounds and teaching periods, and you can identify which preferences you have for particular departments. They accept medical students from second year and will require a form that we supply for you to fill out.

You can easily extend your time in Nepal to go trekking or visit other parts of the country with our provider Adventure Alternative Nepal, and use the house as your base. We also run a medical clinic high up in the mountains in the village of Bumburi where we have been helping the community for many years. You can trek to the village and spend some time with the two nurses and help out with the work there. This includes diagnosis and treatment and provision of medical care, and delivering primary healthcare to a Sherpa community of several thousand people spread between about 15 villages.

The money you raise for Moving Mountains when you go on your elective helps fund the medical clinic in Bumburi in respect of nurses wages, drugs, equipment and health campaigns which we run, plus contributes to the free medical camps that are held every year. Our medical elective placements directly contribute to its sustainability and we very much hope that after your return you would consider remaining a supporter of the clinic and helping the charity deliver a first class service to the community.

You can be sure that your elective is contributing to a medical programme which will be there long after you have qualified (when hopefully you can visit again and spend some time in the mountain clinic). Electives are available throughout the year, you only need to contact us to help organise your time in-country and Adventure Alternative will handle all of the logistics for you. We have been running electives in Nepal for fifteen years now and our track record is excellent.