Medical Elective with Moving Mountains

The medical elective program provides opportunities in for medical students to fulfil their elective requirement in Kenya or Nepal. These programs give students a placement in local Teaching Hospitals as well as in remote clinics in rural areas or dense slums. Though most placements are traditionally four weeks long, we can work with you to organize longer electives in multiple locations if interested.

Moving Mountains has been working in both Nepal and Kenya for over twenty years. During this time, the organization has formed very strong bonds within the medical community in both countries. These relationships help ensure that your time in the country is used effectively to support local populations where they need it most.

All logistics of these medical elective placements are organized by our partner, Adventure Alternative, an award-winning tour company set up by the charity founder Gavin Bate. They will be your support network in the country, providing your accommodation, meals, and transport.

Here is a short video presenting our Medical Elective program in Kenya, including interviews with past participants:


More Information about our Medical Electives Programs

All medical elective placements through Moving Mountains meet the requirements of British Medical Schools. Electives are supervised by medical staff and we will provide correct paperwork for your elective tutor. We are happy to accept medical students from around the globe.

Our elective programs are not limited to strictly medical students. We have programs for different disciplines including midwifery, physiotherapy, dentistry, and nursing. We can also provide for professional placements and work experience. Please contact us ahead of time for more information.

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Medical Electives as Long-Term Development

These medical electives are run by both Moving Mountains and Adventure Alternative. Adventure Alternative, an award-winning tour company, provides the support and logistics before departure and in-country. Moving Mountains is a charity engaged in long-term development work in both Kenya and Nepal in the fields of public health, social welfare, and education. Adventure Alternative has supported Moving Mountains since 1991 as a form of commerce supporting charity.

Moving Mountains has been engaged in development initiatives in both Nepal and Kenya for over twenty years. This has allowed us to form strong bonds in the health profession and communities of both countries. These bonds help us ensure that your work during the medical elective is targeted and specific to the current needs of the community.

It also helps ensure that your time spent in-country plays a roll in helping us fulfil our long-term goals of development and sustainability.

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Impact of a Medical Elective with Moving Mountains

On an immediate level, the work you do in the local hospitals and clinics will have an impact on the patients you see and their families. You’ll also have an impact on your colleagues on the ground. Your hard work will help lighten the load of the full-time doctors and nurses working in Nepal or Kenya.

More broadly, your placement is one piece of the larger long-term development goals that Moving Mountains has been working towards for twenty years. Our programs in Nepal and Kenya address deep systemic issues related to public health and education. These issues aren’t solved in weeks or months but rather years, and we develop our programs accordingly.

Applying for a Medical Elective

Please follow the instructions after the “Book Now” button to apply for a medical elective with Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains. You’ll be asked to fill out an online application and provide us with your preferred dates. After your application is received, we will be in contact with you to begin the planning process.

We do require a letter from your university stating that you are a genuine medical student at the institution and the year you expect to graduate. We can provide a confirmation letter which will have all the info required for your university, such as the name of your in-country supervisor, hospital details, the address of Adventure Alternatives in-country, etc.

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Training for a Medical Elective

There is no specific training required for a medical elective with Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains. We do, however, suggest that you read up on the history and culture of your chosen country. Though not necessary, it will improve your experience once you arrive.

We also encourage you to read up about the ethics of medical electives in foreign countries especially as it relates to international development. Please read our informative Ethics of a Medical Elective article along with your own personal research.

Additionally, it could be helpful to learn some keywords or phrases in the native language of Kenya or Nepal, depending on your placement.

Fundraising for Moving Mountains

The cost of every medical elective through AA and MM breaks down into two parts: the logistics fee that goes to Adventure Alternative and the fundraising requirement that goes to Moving Mountains.

This fundraising requirement allows us to ensure that our programs and your medical elective contribute to our long-term development goals. For example, your fundraising requirement helps us to employ community health workers, nurses, and doctors. It also allows us to provide programming such as health campaigns, educational campaigns on pressing public health issues, and outfitting rural clinics.

Interested in taking a medical elective with Moving Mountains? Please read more about our specific in-country programs and apply online.