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Teachers and children alike at Bupsa Primary School have benefitted hugely from Moving Mountains involvement in the area. The whole school has been not only re-built but also expanded by 40%. New desks, chairs, teaching equipment, materials and salaries for five teachers have all been provided, resulting in significant increases in educational standards at the school. We have also provided an office, teachers hostel and water supply.

The school has a total of 165 pupils who come from Bupsa and a few surrounding villages. The school teaches up to Class 5 (end of primary school education) with three teachers provided by the Nepalese government, and five teachers whose salaries are funded by Moving Mountains (Sharmila Rai, Sumitra Rai, Pemba Chiri Sherpa & Babindra Rai in the Primary and Sujata Rai in the Kindergarten). All teachers are provided with a suit or sari by Moving Mountains and we also provide additional support like books and paper.

Bupsa is a small village one day walking south from Lukla, on the original Everest trail that still leads from Jiri all the way to base camp. It has Sherpa and Rai residents. In 2004 Moving Mountains built a monastery in the village and over the years has also installed water pipelines to some of the houses and buildings. 

Bupsa School

Bupsa school children

The expansion of the school has enabled many students to avoid what were often prohibitively long journeys to schools elsewhere and has guaranteed an accessible, good quality education. We also supply an annual grant to the school for books and stationery which enables them to charge less to families for the education of their children, indeed many families pay no fees and education is now accessible to all.


History of the Bupsa Primary School Project

Bupsa School was originally built in the 1980’s by the Hillary Trust, but the village was unable to maintain the structure and during the 1990s it fell into disrepair and neglect. When Moving Mountains found this school it was poorly equipped and too small to cater for all the children in Bupsa, never mind the surrounding area. Our work in partnership with the local community, teachers, and students has completely transformed the school and led to it developing a strong positive reputation. This has, in turn, enabled it to help other schools nearby to improve their teaching standards as well.

Main Donors

- Gavin’s Everest climbs

- Dubai College, Dubai

Get Involved and support this school and the teachers

1. Volunteer at Bupsa Primary School

2. Visit this stunning part of the world as part of a fundraising trip to Nepal, the trail is enroute to Everest base camp. By adding a day or two you can pass through Bupsa and see the school, and we would love people to help raise money for the teachers salaries.

Future Aims

Our plan at Bupsa Primary is to build more classrooms to allow the school to teach children up to class 8 (junior secondary school level) and provide teachers for that facility once the infrastructure is in place.