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Malunga Primary School

Malunga Primary School is situated in rural Western Kenya around 3km north-east of the small town of Ngia in Siaya Province. There are over 250 students at the school from class 1 up to class 8 plus at least another 40 children in the Early Childhood Development class. Class sizes are an average of around 34 students per class.

At the time of writing (early 2014) the school employs eleven members of staff; 8 government funded and 3 funded through donations made by the community. There is a school committee in place to oversee management of the school. The committee is made up of a parent representative from each of the 8 classes, the head teacher, 2 members of the district education board and a further 3 representatives from the community church. Each year the committee vote for a chairman. There are a total of 15 members of the committee.

Moving Mountains Malunga Primary School Map

The school site is around 3.4 acres in total and is very attractive with a large football field and many large trees and bushes. There are mango, coffee and avocado trees on the site along with small plantations of maize and kale.

Moving Mountains Malunga Primary School Map

The school receives government funding on a per-pupil basis each year, however, this does not currently meet the budgetary needs of the school for covering day to day teaching and materials. It also does not allow for capital investment or upgrading of facilities.

History of the Project

The school is built on community land donated by the government. The original classrooms were built in the 1950’s and further classrooms were added in the 1980’s. The teachers building was built in 2009 and toilet blocks were added in 2011/2012.

There are a number of buildings that were originally built in the 1950's but are currently unused as they were in the process of being altered some years ago but funding for the project was not available to finish it. The school has received some assistance from NGOs in the past, mainly in relation to a rainwater collection and storage system. 

In late 2013, following consultations and preparations by the board of Moving Mountains Kenya, the first Moving Mountains project was carried out at the school. MMKenya staff supported by a group of volunteers from Round Square International renovated one classroom by fitting steel windows and a door, re-laying the damaged floor and painting walls. The fundraising work of the group also paid for 30 new school desks.

2013 - Renovation of a classroom: fitting of steel windows and a door, floor relaying, painting of walls, provision of 30 new school desks.

2014 Summer - Renovation of the second classroom with participation from Northern Ireland Explorer Scouts

2014 December - Renovation of a third classroom (computer class): roof work, plastering of walls, fitting of door and windows, floor work, paintwork

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Get Involved

Volunteer! We are always seeking skilled volunteers to work in our educational programmes in Kenya. If you're interested in volunteering at the school, please contact us today.

Future Aims

Though a thriving community amenity, the school faces a number of challenges going forward. A brief summary of those identified by the school committee is as follows.

Facilities - Classrooms in very poor repair. Shortage of desks. Unfinished buildings. No kitchen facilities. No sports or games equipment. No library. No I.T. equipment. No fencing to the compound.

Utilities - No source of water on site. No electricity on site.

Pupils & Staffing - More teachers required. Low attendance on Market day (Tuesday). No feeding or lunch programme.



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