From small beginnings back in 1991 when MM Founder Gavin Bate was teaching and working with street kids, Moving Mountains Kenya has become a successful NGO working in partnership with a large network of local committees, authorities and experts. The volunteering placements offer a chance to be absorbed into this wonderful network of people, and people find it a very sociable and enjoyable experience. They can see that success is because we jointly develop ideas and maintain essential principles of integrity. 

2016 Moving Mountains Kenya Board

Gilbert Njeru         Chairman & Social welfare manager
Joseph Mungai     Secretary & Community Health manager
Francis Kioni        Treasurer & Construction manager
Serah Wanjiku      Member, Education and counselling

'MMK' receives it's funding from Moving Mountains UK which is normally discussed and agreed on a monthly basis. The main areas of charitable objectives that the NGO covers are:

Education & Vocation programmes

Primary School - uniforms, books, stationery, counselling and mentoring.
Secondary School - school fees, transport, uniforms, books, stationery, counselling and mentoring.
College & University - tuition fees, vocational training, provision of laptops and books, counselling and mentoring.
Classrooms - Funding for new classrooms or refurbishments.
Facilities - Toilets, water tanks and wells.
Teaching resources - Musical instruments, reading books, arts & crafts and sports kits.
Salaries - Supplement of salaries for teachers for extra-curricular work

Personal Development programmes

Youth Rehabilitation Camps for Children  - rehabilitation camps and jamborees for children aimed at fun and personal development.

Social Welfare programmes

Ulamba Children's Home & Early Child Development School in western Kenya
Embu rescue centre - feeding programme and social enterprise projects, street kid rehabilitation
Home and child support - counselling, food and rent for families supporting children we assist in school, mentoring and emotional help. 
Community infrastructure - water tanks, wells and pipelines, plumbing and sanitation facilities, clean water and improved cooking stoves.

Health programmes

Clinics - Building and renovating of clinics or medical institutions
Healthcare - Facilities and equipment at medical institutions
Home Healthcare - Home visits, medicines and emergency support for sickness, accidents