Barkatado Primary School

Barkatado Primary School is located on top of a small hill about 5km south-east of Ulamba Children's Home in Siaya, Western Kenya. 

The school site is quite large with a football field at the front and many mature trees, including mango trees, around the edge and rear of the site as well as rows of recently planted young trees and cassava and maize which are also grown on site. The school is also home to an Early Childhood Development (ECD) centre.

Moving Mountains Barkatado Primary School Map

Barkatado was originally built in 1972 on land donated by the local community. Classrooms were added over time as the school developed and pupil numbers increased. Basic facilities were constructed, funded by contributions from the community along with some limited government investment

Moving Mountains Barkatado Primary School Map

Moving Mountains started working with the school in 2013 following consultation with the school management committee and with the Deputy County Commissioner and the District Education Officer of Siaya who fully support the partnership.

Moving Mountains Kenya is a highly valued and respected development partner with over two decades experience working with rural schools in the region and a proven track record of transforming educational facilities and community infrastructure in Siaya.

We will work with the school over the coming years to improve facilities and quality of education in the community. 


History of the Project

When Moving Mountains first began working with Barkatado in 2013, there were eight classrooms in varying states of disrepair. There were approximately 240 pupils in the Primary School and a further 70 in the ECD centre with class sizes averaging around 40 children per class. Classrooms were very small for this number of students and the lack of desks and space made it difficult for students and teachers.

Since our partnership with the school began we have undertaken the following project work to improve facilities and quality of education at the school: 

July 2013 - Relaying of floors in classes 3 & 2, painting of inside and out of classes 3 & 2. Installation of glass in windows of classes 3 & 2. 

December 2013 - Painting of outside of classes 4 & 5, 
Renovation and finishing of roof for one classroom

Main Donors

- Round Square International  
- Team Kenya, Northern Ireland (Zara McKeague) 

Get Involved

Volunteering Placement - teaching non-examinable subjects such as music, sport, art, theatre and organising and running extra-curricular clubs and activities, small group reading lessons, mentoring and group work. If you are interested in volunteering at this or any of our educational projects in Kenya, please contact us today!


Future Aims

If you are interested in helping us to fundraise for or to carry out a stage of the work at Barkatado please contact us to discuss options. Further development work identified in partnership with the school will be carried out in stages as funds allow and according to the priorities of the school, including the following:

- installation of glass for windows
- replacement of rooves
- relaying of floors
- replacement of doors and window frames
- painting of inside and outside of classrooms
- rendering of brickwork
- construction of plinths/paths
- installation of desks and chairs
- destruction of existing partition walls to create more space for teaching
- construction of new classrooms where necessary once renovation work is completed
- construction of a new school kitchen with eco-friendly energy saving jiko (cooking stove)
- construction of a school library 
- investigation of water resources, improvement of water and sanitation facilities (possibility of fixing and sharing water pump at a nearby church)
- installation of perimeter fencing and improvement of security at the school

Our work at Barkatado depends on the generous support of our volunteers and donors. Please join us by making a tax refundable charitable donation today!



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