Kumuok Primary School in Western Kenya is one of the several local communities across the district that we are working with to pursue a long-term programme to improve education standards. We want to enable every child to gain a good education, hope for employment and bright future prospects.

Moving Mountains Kumuok Primary School Map

Before our involvement with the school in 2001, the buildings and infrastructure were in desperate need of complete renovation- the mud floors of the classrooms meant that the children suffered from jiggers, insects which burrow into the feet causing great pain and distress.

Moving Mountains Kumuok Primary School Map

Since 2001 we have provided 8 new stone-built classrooms, a borehole and water 
pump which provides clean drinking water for the community and on-going assistance and advice for management and the running of the school. We have also helped to appoint a school management committee to work closely with the community and turn the institution into an ongoing and sustainable financial concern.

History of the Project

2001 – Moving Mountains began its involvement with the school and provided eight new stone-built classrooms, a borehole, and water pump

2005 – Moving Mountains appointed a school management committee that works closely with the community to ensure that the institution is ongoing and sustainable.


Main Donors

Africamp volunteer groups (Adventure Alternative)

Teaching volunteers (Adventure Alternative)

Moving Mountains Ireland

Get Involved

Volunteering - teaching non-examinable subjects such as music, sport, arts, ethics, plus running extra-curricular clubs and providing small group reading lessons, mentoring and group therapy work. 


Future Aims

We continue to support several teachers with supplementary income. Our long-term aim is to make the school self-sufficient and to attract more pupils whilst increasing the overall academic performance of the school and sending more children to secondary school to continue their education. We hope to increase income-generating projects (such as selling the milk from the school cow) to ensure a cash flow and improve the sustainability of the project. 

Until then, we depend on the generous support of volunteers and donors. Help us create a self-sustaining primary school by making a donation today!



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