Before Moving Mountains Trust became involved with this school in the Embu district of Eastern Kenya in 2007, pupils were taught in dark classrooms with potholes in the floors, and they had few resources. Our long-standing vision for this underdeveloped area of education in eastern Kenya has been to build a facility which provides specific facilities for handicapped children and to help promote employment of qualified teachers.


As part of our extensive programme in this region we have renovated 5 classrooms, improved the school grounds, repaired potholes, and provided the children with special needs facilities, textbooks, and school uniforms. We have established a competent school committee which Moving Mountains Kenya coordinates with to ensure that the school continues to develop and improve its facilities and the standard of education which it provides for the 75 children it teaches.

Moving Mountains Kenya Embu School for Special Needs Map  1.png

Most encouragingly, the renovations to the school carried out through this programme have not only provided a more suitable environment for education but have also uplifted the spirits of the community. The school has become an asset to them; offering special needs pupils a start in education and a place where they can feel safe, learn and have fun.

Moving Mountains Kenya Embu School for Special Needs Maps

History of the Project

2007 – Moving Mountains Trust became involved with the community and school and constructed a classroom equipped with specific facilities for handicapped children. We also helped to promote the employment of the correct teachers through a partnership with education authorities. 

To date – Moving Mountains have been working with the community to raise awareness of early childhood education and to recognise learning conditions such as dyslexia and autism.

Main Donors

Teaching volunteers (Adventure Alternative)


Get Involved

Volunteering - teaching non-examinable subjects such as music, sport, arts, ethics, plus running extra-curricular clubs and providing small group reading lessons, mentoring and group therapy work.

Future Aims

We will provide continual assistance and advice on management and development of the school, working together with the school board, the education authorities and the community. Our plan is to help the school to attract more special needs children, construct a boarding facility for them and also to employ more qualified teachers.

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