Travel & Tourism is now taught in the village of Khari Khola and Moving Mountains supports the salary of the teacher and also provides the books for the students.

This initiative started with a link that we have Tourism Education Futures Initiative (TEFI) which founder Gavin Bate is involved with. TEFI has organised several trips to this region for lecturers in tourism from around the world, and there is now a special tourism summer camp held every year in Khari Khola for people from many countries who are studying tourism and related subjects.

This is a big opportunity for the students to learn from foreigners and for the teachers to have the exposure to a worldwide organisation dedicated to responsible travel.

The village will be able to host foreign students and we anticipate that this will allow the communities to develop additional shops and businesses to cater for Nepali and foreign students, thereby also benefiting the local economy. TEFI will also continue to hold its conferences in the villages. All of the logistics for these trips will be handled by MM Nepal. 

Khari Khola School


Khari Khola Tourism Class

TEFI initiative at Khari Khola School

Main Donors

- TEFI (Tourism Education Futures Initiative)

Get Involved

Organise a fundraising trek to this part of the world - it's on the way to Everest Base Camp - and help us pay the salary of the teacher in Khari Khola School. Throughout any visit to the villages where we work you can get involved with all the developmental projects which are located and managed by Moving Mountains Nepal.

Future Aims

We are continuing to work with TEFI and Khari Khola Secondary School to develop plans for the project. The main hope is to keep the funding going for the teacher.