The water supply in Bumburi was the next phase to be completed after installing the environmentally friendly cooking stoves. This job involved rebuilding two new large water tanks in the jungle above the village and then providing pipes into the village and putting a water supply into each of the 63 homes which make up Bumburi village. This water links into the back boilers, giving every household hot water on tap.

Moving Mountains Bumburi Village Water Supply Map

Previously the lack of water was a continual problem, particularly during the dry season, when water had to be stored in containers. This caused a number of problems, most significant among which were water-related diseases, especially among infants and children. A clean water supply, storage system, and piping system were vital. Electricity, water, income, education, faith – these are the tenets of a civilized society and our work in Bumburi is now nearly finished in each of these areas, facilitating a bright and prosperous future for this village and the surrounding area.

Moving Mountains Bumburi Village Water Supply Map

History of the Bumburi Village Water Supply Project

The water project has taken nearly ten months to complete and the villagers have donated a significant amount of both time and land. However, a regular supply of clean water has a major impact on health and welfare, and the new system is hugely appreciated by all who use it. The project has been managed on the ground by the Moving Mountains Nepal team and the village co-operative, which is run by Ang Kaji Sherpa.

This latest phase of the work in Bumburi is all part of a long-term process of creating a model 'green village', which will both encourage other villages to develop similar schemes to improve living standards through environmentally sustainable projects and attract tourists to visit the area. 

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Main Donors

- Gavin Bate’s Everest climbs

- Bristol Rag/University of Bristol

- Moving Mountains UK

- Moving Mountains Volunteers

Get Involved

1. Throughout any visit to the villages of Bupsa and Bumburi, you can get involved with all the developmental projects which are located and managed by Moving Mountains Nepal. Contact us if you're interested in volunteering in these villages.

2. Visit this stunning part of the world as part of any trip to Nepal or incorporate visits on an Everest Base Camp trek from Jiri.


Future Aims

We plan to have a similar project in Bupsa village in the not too distant future.