Moving Mountains is working in partnership with Ng'aroni School and the local community to build the school buildings and support the teachers for this rural school which is on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Children previously had a long distance to travel to another school and in challenging weather it was dangerous.Now they can enjoy a lovely school close to their village which is managed by a parents committee.

Ngaroni School outdoors

Timeline of the Ngaroni School Project

2014 – Moving Mountains started working in the school in the summer of 2014 after many months of building ties with the local community, project identification visits by our experienced Kenyan staff and meetings and joint planning sessions with the school management committees of Mbahe and Ng'aroni and with the local community.

2015 - Construction of the second classroom at Ng'aroni Primary school completed, links strengthened with the local community and meetings to determine continued direction of the project. Next stages are to build desks and benches for prospective students, and to install toilets on site, followed by continuing construction of classrooms.

2016 - Desk sets designed, built and delivered to Ng'aroni Primary and the first set of toilets built.

2017 - In 2017 we celebrated the official opening of the Ng'aroni Primary School! Moving Mountains has been working in partnership with Ng'aroni Primary School and the local community to improve educational facilities and infrastructure for this rural school, located on the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro since 2014 and the opening is thanks to the hand work of the local community and previous volunteers over the last 3 years.

2017 - Another classroom and kitchen complete with eco-stove were added at the school

2018 - Kilimanjaro National Park became involved and funded the building of an admin block for teachers.

2019  - Roundsquare continue their work in 2019, along with King Edwards School in Bath. This will complete all the classrooms.

Thanks to Donors

Thank you to everyone who has helped to date from Writhlington School, Wolverhampton Rotary, Leeds University and Leeds RAG, Roundsquare, Mike Boyce, Alison Blofeld and all the students and pupils who've worked hard to raise money and rolled up their sleeves to give a better and life changing level of education in Ngaroni.

The continued development will allow Ng'aroni to expand and improve their own school and facilities on their community land whilst simultaneously reducing classroom numbers at Mbahe Primary School, thereby improving quality of education for both primary schools in the area.

Tanzanian children

How to get involved

Africamp is the name we give to school and group trips to Tanzania allowing volunteers the chance to participate in building projects whilst participating in social activity camps with young Tanzanians. This is often combined with a safari to somewhere like Manyara, Ngorongoro or Serengeti and also an adventure challenge such as climbing Mount Meru or Mount Kilimanjaro.

Charity Volunteering Trips comprise small groups of interested people who can offer to come out and do refurbishments on the school or help run a school jamboree, provided it fits in with the school needs. Contact us for further information and to discuss options.

Visit the school after your trip to climb Kilimanjaro and donate some funds to the teachers we support, or use your climb of Kilimanjaro as a fundraiser!  

How to Donate