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We are an independent non-profit organisation working in east Africa, Nepal and Borneo delivering development solutions to social, economic and environmental problems. 
We are also a responsible volunteering organisation with strong values and a successful track record of placements in development education.

Nepal Earthquake

Since the earthquake that hit Nepal has made world news we have been working hard with our staff to find out the extent of damage to the region where we have been working for so many years.

There has been structural damage in Bupsa more than Bumburi, with the school and monastery both damaged. One of the water tanks which feeds the hydro plant in Bumburi is damaged and needs repaired, while the clinic has survived quite well.

We are estimating to spend around £10,000 on the repairs and in some cases rebuilds, and the work will start at the end of June. It will take time collect stone and bring it up from the rivers, and collect other materials so they can be brought into the villages.

Our appeal has been good and there have been some wonderful responses. We're trying to ensure that some of the money goes to the ongoing costs of our nurses, project manager Geljun and even teachers. The local committee is keeping the school open and the children are being schooled outside where necessary. It's really important for us to keep people employed so that they can have an income. Especially since all tourism has virtually dried up completely.

We really need your support, the villagers need all the support they can get. We have an appeal page here - https://mydonate.bt.com/events/mmnepalearthquakeappeal/225110. Please do help. We have been supporting our friends in the district for many years now, now is the time we cannot let them down.

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At the Car Wash - Social Enterprise with Embu Rescue Centre Youth Group

The Embu Car Wash Project continues to develop and make progress following the installation of a new power washer and large water storage tank in November 2014.

Since the car wash opened in March 2014 the members of the group had been washing cars by hand with buckets and sponges. Although their hard work and enthusiasm meant that the young people were able to provide a good service and slowly build the business and client base, the lack of a power washer meant that it took between 45 minutes to an hour to wash each car, resulting in only a limited number of customers, an average of four cars per day.

Having installed the power washer machine the members of Embu Rescue Centre Youthgroup Car Wash are now able to wash each car in 10 to 15 minutes and consequently can now compete for customers with other carwashes in Embu. They are able to provide a quality service with a much faster turnaround, resulting in more clients. The business now averages around ten cars per day and this in turn results in more employment and income for the members of the youth group.

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