Donating money

Make a Donation and help support Moving Mountains

Your donation helps us to fund our ongoing development programmes and projects, especially training, education and costs for counsellors, carers, social workers, sports coaches, teachers and key Moving Mountains programme staff.

One-off donation

You can send a cheque along with our 'Moving Mountains donation' form, along with the completed gift aid form (if you are a UK tax payer) or CHY3 Tax Relief Form if you are an Irish tax payer donating more than €250 in any single tax year. 

Moving Mountains Trust
PO Box 14
Northern Ireland
BT55 7AG

Donate online

Make a donation through our BT MyDonate 'Make a Donation' page (one-off and regular donations can be made on the BT MyDonate 'Make a Donation' page). 

You can also use our BT MyDonate profile to sponsor a fundraiser who is raising money for Moving Mountains or to set up your own personalised fundraising page if you are planning a sponsored event, fundraising for a Moving Mountains trip, etc.

MyDonate automatically collects gift aid on our behalf from all donations made on the site by a UK tax payer.

Standing orders and regular donations

You can set up a Standing Order by completing the Moving Mountains UK Standing Order form and presenting it to your bank (though please do make a copy and post or email it to us along with the completed gift aid form if you are a UK tax payer.

Even if you set up the standing order through your online banking we would still appreciate receiving a completed copy of the gift aid form which allows us to claim an extra £0.25 for every £1 donated. 

If you are in the Republic of Ireland, please print and fill in a Moving Mountains Ireland Standing Order form and present the completed form to your bank and help us to continue moving mountains. To increase the value of your donations at no extra cost we would also request you complete a CHY3 Tax Relief form if you are an Irish taxpayer (this form only applies to aggregate donations of at least €250 in a tax year). 

Alternatively please use the Moving Mountains BT MyDonate 'Make a Donation' page to set up a regular donation. 

Other ways of donating to Moving Mountains

Donate Shares

If you have shares or stocks or other investments which have been gained as gifts or windfalls or are too small to cash in profitably, giving them to Moving Mountains is a tax effective way of donating to charity. We can sell them and use the proceeds for the programmes and projects. You can claim tax relief against your income tax for the year, equal to the value of the shares on the day you gift them, along with any brokers' fees. 

Transferring the shares means completing a form through an organisation called Sharegift which handles the process or we can help you directly. You should also visit the Inland Revenue website or call their helpline on 0845 9000 444 in order to make sure you are making an informed choice.

Payroll Giving (Give As You Earn)

With Payroll Giving donations are deducted from your gross pay (before tax) and a great way of giving regular donations and paying less. For example if you pledge £10.00 then the amount deducted from your gross pay is £7.80. Moving Mountains still receives the £10.00. It is tax effective as well as a sustainable source of income for the charity, enabling us to plan ahead. Please do contact us if you think your company might be interested in doing this. 

Leave a Gift in your Will

You can use your will to help us move mountains for many disadvantaged people and communities. Leave the promise of a better future and leave communities better equipped with the skills they need to prepare for the challenges of the next generation. You can determine what your legacy is for, be it a building project like an irrigation system or clinic, or for the long-term education of some of our beneficiaries to get a university degree or college certificate.


Donating items

Donating items

A lot of people like to donate things to charity, but we would like to adopt a more structured approach to this generosity, and make sure that what people bring out is relevant to the needs of individuals or communities. We also have quite strict policies on people handing out free gifts to children, which can create unfortunate stereotypes. Apart from the obvious birthdays and Christmases, we try to make sure that gifts are earned or given on merit or for good behaviour.

Like any good 'parent', we don't want to spoil children, neither do we want them to miss out on the joy of receiving something.We have a very diverse range of people we help and work with, and our programmes need all sorts of 'things' to help them work effectively. Please contact us and ask if you can help by bringing out something useful and of value.



Sponsor a Teacher

You can really help our work by sponsoring one of our teachers or social workers or project managers in Kenya or in Nepal. These are the unsung heroes of our work, who educate the children day after day and need both support and encouragement. Some of them walk for hours to get to the school on time and are motivated by a desire to help develop the youth. By supporting a teacher, you would be helping us achieve one of our biggest aims in Moving Mountains by providing education at primary, secondary and tertiary level.

Sponsor a Student

Sponsoring a student through regular donations goes to the heart of what we try to achieve at Moving Mountains. Our big difference is that we don't stop assisting with education once the child reaches a certain level or age at school. We feel that to provide financial assistance to primary level is just the start of a long journey. Our commitment extends through the expensive secondary school years and, if appropriate, into the even more expensive tertiary years at university or college.