Tom Hewitt coordinates the reforestation and community development projects that Moving Mountains fund in the Sarawak jungle of Borneo.

He is originally from the UK but has lived in Borneo for many years now. His knowledge of local community development, wildlife and tourism issues has been instrumental in the success of our projects with the Penan communities that we work with.

His work with the Penan people has been inspiring and it was his enthusiasm which originally encouraged the Trustees of Moving Mountains UK to commit financially to the Sarawak reforestation project that is now a mature and successful initiative. He is the main link between Moving Mountains and the ‘Koperasi Pelancongan Penan Selungo’ which translates as Community Operation Programme of the Penan of the Upper Selungo river. Locally however, the Penan villagers call themselves ‘Keepers of the Forest’.

Tom was also the lead in setting up Lupa Masa Eco Lodge on the slopes of Mount Kinabalu and later the Lupa Masa Beach which is a natural compliment to the original eco lodge and offers traditional longhouse and camping options 5 minutes from a deserted beach near the tip of Borneo. Both Lupa Masa Eco Lodge and Lupa Masa Beach employ local staff and help to fund community driven projects.