Personal Development

We offer volunteering trips and electives for students, trips abroad for schools, university and charity groups who want to work with an award winning organisation that is genuinely making differences on the ground. We also deliver a mutually beneficial corporate partner programme which promotes employee engagement, motivation and brand enhancement.

Personal development is one of our charitable objectives, and for many years we have organised and managed school groups and team of people going to the places where Moving Mountains works and engaging with many of our beneficiaries. Founder Gavin Bate used to run 'street kid jamborees' or rehabilitation camps in the slums where he lived called 'Sisi Kwa Sis' which means 'One to One'. Those trips became hugely successful in encouraging children to enter education. Many of them still work with Moving Mountains as adults, and many of the young people who flew to Kenya for those remarkable experiences are still involved with the charity. Several of them are trustees. 

We deliver a programme of personal development to schools and universities and partners which includes development education, first aid, trip preparation and engagement with the charity. For corporate partners we deliver a programme of employee engagement through mentoring and online volunteering with opportunities for visits abroad, plus development seminars and motivational events. Our focus is on global citizenship, sustainable development goals, personal leadership and effective CSR.