Health Programmes

The health programs run by Moving Mountains are aimed at providing services to disadvantaged communities in Nepal and Kenya. We further expand these services by combining them with our opportunities for medical students such as the Medical Elective programmes and Medical Camps.

Most of the communities with whom we work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nepal are cut off from medical resources. These communities lack access to healthcare and other important services. Lack of vaccinations, lack of care for common diseases, and distance from resources are all problems faced by our communities. All of this was, for many years, compounded by a lack of data regarding health trends in these regions.

This lack can lead to greater problems overall in the communities. Low levels of healthcare can impact attendance rates at school; can prevent parents from being able to work and earn an income, and can prevent communities from feeling motivated to develop their society.

Over the past twenty years, Moving Mountains has worked with communities and government ministries to improve this situation. We supply equipment, provide funding, build structures, and run our medical camps and medical electives in-country. Our focus throughout these programmes is on supporting the long-term development goals of the communities.