Health programmes

Our health programmes in Nepal and Kenya are linked to the trips we run there, as volunteers to the medical camps and medical elective students raise money to contribute to the costs we incur as a charity running medical clinics and managing a variety of health programmes from vaccinations to home care for HIV/AIDS victims. We always work with the appropriate Health ministries so our work contributes to the bigger aims of the community and government. We fund health workers and build and renovate clinics, plus we run community health 'camps'. For some of our beneficiaries we provide palliative care, funding for operations and treatment, mental health care and counselling and training for students. 

We work hard to collect data on all the health programmes we run and create impact reports which develop over many years and tell us a great deal about the changing trends in remote regions. We then feed this information back into the network. In this way we feel that every elective student and volunteer is contributing to our long term health aims. We have a great track record and lots of positive feedback and reports from students over the years which can be seen on the Medical Elective Network.


Moving Mountains has a close relationship with several hospitals and clinics where we offer medical electives, and our funding model fulfils the criteria of Fair Trade Volunteering. In many cases these relationships have been ongoing for well over a decade and this longevity contributes to trust and a proper mutually beneficial situation. We are not seen as an external body, but an accepted 'member' of the community supporting people in a culturally appropriate way and helping to develop a long term plan.