Gap challenges

The Moving Mountains Gap trips are interwoven into our long term development projects and programmes. This ensures that you have an enriching experience with plenty of opportunity to branch out, explore and get out of your comfort zone. It also ensures that the purpose of your trip is about personal development and international development equally balanced.

Our Gap trips are for groups of young people between 18 and 24, and they run for ten weeks. They combine adventure with travel in a foreign country, and the chance to experience working with an NGO that is engaged in developmental work around education, social welfare, community cohesion and environmental protection. There is also a lot of adventure and exploration, all staffed by our local professionals in Adventure Alternative and assisted by the Moving Mountains staff, and backed up by twenty years of experience.


There is a lot of debate and concern about gap challenges and how they are marketed and run. We recommend you do your research and ensure that you ask lots of questions. It's important that your expectations match the reality, and also that any work you do 'for charity' is actually needed, and actually benefits people. Our trips are best described as 'personal development through international development', but we are not making unrealistic claims about saving the world. We are inviting you to see how we work and to take part, and have a great adventure and hopefully allow you to develop some important values and morals about global citizenship and travel. There is no doubt at all that you will make some lifelong friends in Kenya too, they love social media and through the charity you can stay in touch for a long time with the beneficiaries and the staff. For Moving Mountains, we would ask that you help fundraise for the charity before going on this trip and then see how your money is spent on the ground.

All bookings for our gap trips are done through Adventure Alternative UK and the 'AA' companies in Kenya and Nepal which are the providers for Moving Mountains UK and Moving Mountains Kenya and Nepal. AA UK supports MM financially, but in terms of running our trips it provides all the necessary insurances and consumer protection for any trip abroad. This includes public liability insurance, employers liability and financial bonding for client money, which are the legal requirements for holidays under UK Travel law.