Fundraising trips

These trips give you the chance to travel, live independently in a foreign country and connect with amazing people. Many volunteers we host report that their experience with us has been a defining one, giving them a direction in life and the motivation to do many things they may never have considered. They include some volunteering and fundraising and travelling to see the places where we work. 

Come on a trip to one of the places where we have been working for many years and understand how we work in different environments and tackle the causes of poverty. Meet the local staff and the beneficiaries themselves and help us achieve our aim of giving disadvantaged people some self-esteem and encouragement through equality and empowerment. Many people say to us "what can we do to help?" and forget that the simple act of reaching out and spending time together is enough. Especially for the students we are supporting in university and on the cusp of adulthood, your advice and friendship could be the one thing that gives them the extra boost they need to succeed. 

We generally run trips for supporters throughout the year and we call them Friends of MM, and many people come again and again. They bring their friends and suddenly a small village or school or family in Nepal or Kenya becomes a connection with another way of life and the start of a very special friendship. Many continue that friendship online when they come home. We have seen time and time again how that simple moment of connection leads to life changing consequences. Many of our beneficiaries see themselves as 'different' and by default lesser than other people. They have come from hard backgrounds and often have no hope for the future. Moving Mountains provides a link between people which shows them that being different is good, and that they have just as many rights and opportunities as the next person in the world. 

Fundraising for Moving Mountains is of course important for us, it enables us to employ teachers and social workers and pay fees, but your visit is much more than just money. By volunteering and engaging with our staff and beneficiaries, it really is about sharing time with someone else and giving something of yourself to another person who suffers poverty in some way or another. We can treat others how we would want to be treated ourselves, with friendship and respect and equality. This is the long term dream of Moving Mountains which you can be part of. 

Fundraising for charity allows you to use sites like MyDonate where you can set up a personal fundraising page to take advantage of the Gift Aid scheme. Gift Aid adds 25p to every £1 donation from a UK tax payer.