Fundraising trips

A fundraising trip with Moving Mountains is a chance to see your donation in action. Get involved with development work on the ground and see the impact that a long-term investment in the developing world can have. These trips are a unique chance to get to know the people your donation is supporting.

Each fundraising trip, called Friends of Moving Mountains, is a two-week trip that combines adventure travel with volunteer work. We ask participants to fundraise a set amount, then you travel to visit the communities who receive your donation. During your travels, you’ll join in on a volunteer project and immerse yourself in the local community.

For over twenty years, Moving Mountains has worked closely with communities in Nepal, Kenya, and more recently, Tanzania, empowering them to take control of their own development goals. Our beneficiaries are driven, talented, and inspiring people who thrive under the support and encouragement of Moving Mountains.

These programmes are only possible with the support of our fundraisers, volunteers, and supporters. Yet too few donors visit the communities they support. People make monthly contributions to projects without ever getting a good idea of the impact that their money is having.

That is why Moving Mountains and our partner, Adventure Alternative, created these fundraising trips. We want our donors to be involved in our projects, to understand them from the inside out, and to celebrate our achievements alongside our staff and beneficiaries.

These fundraising trips are designed to get you, the donor, involved in our programmes. They give you a chance to meet the people in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nepal who are benefiting most from your donations. And they give you the opportunity to forge relationships and friendships that span the globe.

For a different perspective, hear from some of our past trip participants on how it feels to fundraise for Moving Mountains:


Learn more about each trip below.

Investing In Community

Our community is at the heart of all the projects run by Moving Mountains around the globe. Whether we are building a health clinic in Nepal or running a summer camp in Kenya, we focus on the needs of our communities first and foremost.

As a friend of Moving Mountains, we hope you share this passion for community engagement. That is why we designed these fundraising trips to get you on the ground and interacting with our international communities.

During the trip, you won’t be treated as a tourist, separate and set apart from the community. You’ll be embraced as part of the Moving Mountains family, a valuable member who contributes to our fantastic development work. As a donor, we are delighted to have you on our team. We want to celebrate your contribution to our work.

We encourage participants on our fundraising trips to engage with local people, get to know individuals, and form cross-cultural relationships that span the globe. These trips are an opportunity for you to develop as a person, while our beneficiaries get the opportunity to communicate with people from around the world.

Volunteering in Kenya (2)

Volunteering on a Fundraising Trip

These two-week trips are designed to give our supporters a deeper understanding of our long-term development work in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nepal. To best achieve this, we include short-term volunteer work in the itineraries. This volunteering plays a role in our larger programs so that even during your short time in the country, you can contribute to our long-term development goals.

Volunteer work could be anything! It just depends on the needs of our community at the time of your visit. You could spend your time helping us to build a school, install energy efficient stoves, or working in one of our community centres. Whatever project you get involved in, you’ll know its focused on the needs of the community.

Another benefit of volunteering abroad is the relationship you are able to forge with local people. Volunteers work with the community, learning cross-cultural communication and cooperation. These interactions allow you to forge friendships that otherwise might never be discovered. This lays the foundation for relationships of mutual respect and admiration to grow between our beneficiaries and the wider international community.

Our emphasis on volunteer work is derived from our belief in the importance of each individual person. Whether you are a donor, a staff member, or one of our beneficiaries, you are a valuable member of the Moving Mountains Family.

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Develop a New Perspective

A fundraising trip with Moving Mountains presents the chance to immerse yourself in a foreign country. These trips take you off of the common tourist path and into the authentic experience of Kenya, Tanzania, or Nepal. This kind of experience is priceless in nature, not only because it is unique, but also because of the personal development and growth you can experience.

Traveling to another part of the world is an eye-opening experience. Many of the communities we work with are under-developed and have struggled to cope with globalisation and change for many years. Visiting these communities will challenge you to broaden your mind and find new perspectives.

The people you meet during your fundraising trip will inspire you to approach the world differently. You’ll encounter individuals who have faced hardships you struggle to imagine, yet who are strong and independent people filled with joy and optimism.

We’ve designed these fundraising trips to encourage personal development and growth for our beneficiaries as well as for you, the participant. You’ll find new experiences and new settings that you could never come upon back home. Our hope is that these experiences lead you to a newer appreciation for life, and a fresh perspective on the human experience.

Overall, these fundraising trips are a fun, exciting, and immersive way to experience international adventure travel. All the logistics are covered by our partner and award-winning travel company, Adventure Alternative. Your safety and wellbeing will be well looked after from beginning to end, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your adventure travel experience.

If you’re interested in joining a Friends of Moving Mountains fundraising trip, please reach out to us today!