90% of the staff at Moving Mountains were once beneficiaries of the charity. They have been supported through education and training to be able to meet the demands and standards expected of development work and responsible tourism in Kenya.

Ex-street children in the company in Kenya are now tour guides, 
cooks, drivers, builders, and helpers - earning a good salary and gaining new qualifications - out of the cycle of poverty and into self-sufficiency. We are a charity that provides educational support and careers, and we employ a lot of people to help give new beneficiaries the mentoring and assistance they need. This is especially true of vulnerable children. 

We want to create the path to 
a future for children by supporting them through primary and secondary education, university or vocational courses and onto employment. But children also need love and attention and to feel part of a solid structure. We work with the families and the communities to help provide that essential support for children. 

Our field workers are the backbone of our work in Kenya, and their salaries form the largest part of our financial commitment. Without the social workers, project managers and teachers we would not be able to do our work and this programme is very important in giving people jobs and social mobility. 

Staff and board members in Kenya are all given the chance to travel to the UK and train and work in our UK offices. 

Moving Mountains started giving young people in Kenya jobs, supporting children all the way through education and into employment. From small beginnings, the charity in Kenya now employs fifteen professional staff and contributes to a huge network of associates and committees managing all of the institutions we have helped to create.  

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