Charity Challenges

Have you always dreamt of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or accomplishing some other personal physical feat and combining that achievement with a fundraising campaign for a charity doing positive work?

Our charity challenges are made for individuals and groups like you: people who want to challenge themselves while supporting a responsible charity.

We combine the thrill of adventure travel with the positivity of fundraising and volunteering for a good cause. Moving Mountains runs several pre-determined trips and challenges each year which are open for individuals and groups to join, or we can work with you to create a unique charity challenge of your own imagining.

These trips are planning and run in conjunction with our partner and award-winning tour company, Adventure Alternative. We work together to ensure that all of our charity challenges are safe, enjoyable, and responsible.

The purpose of these trips is to fundraising for Moving Mountains and the valuable work we are doing in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nepal. If you feel passionate about empowering communities to take control of their future, contact us today about joining our charity challenges!

Moving Mountains currently operates several different types of charity challenges each year, ranging from pre-determined trips with set itineraries to open-ended challenges. We can also work with you to create a custom charity challenge that suits your needs. 

Fundraising Trips

Our fundraising trips are designed to bring our staunchest supporters, called Friends of Moving Mountains, to visit our programmes in Kenya, Nepal, and Tanzania. If you feel passionate about the work of Moving Mountains and you’d like to see your donation at work on the ground, these trips are for you.

Combining adventure travel, volunteering, and community engagement, these charity challenges bring you into the communities where we work. During your time on this trip, you’ll stop feeling like a tourist and start feeling like a member of a very large family.

We believe that Moving Mountains is like a family and it is through these trips that we are able to include our supports and donors into this welcoming and thriving environment. By including volunteer work in the trip’s itinerary, donors are able to get to know our beneficiaries on a deeper level.

Meet students in Kenya who are overcoming all odds to become contributing members of their society. Introduce yourself to village elders in Nepal who have guided their villages, alongside Moving Mountains, into vibrant places of commerce and joy. All this and more is possible on a fundraising trip with Moving Mountains.

The money that you fundraising for these trips will be donated to our projects in the country you visit. When you take a fundraising trip with Moving Mountains, you’ll have an intimate knowledge of how much your donation is appreciated by the people who receive it.

Trekking Challenges

Our other main type of charity challenges are our trekking challenges. These trips take groups of supports to Kenya, Nepal, or Tanzania where we tackle an epic physical challenge. The focus of these trips is on personal development as well as fundraising for Moving Mountains.

These trekking challenges are an incredible opportunity to push yourself while fundraising for a meaningful cause. Become the best version of yourself as you summit Kilimanjaro and raise money to build schools in Kenya at the same time. Challenge yourself to grow both physically and spiritually as you trek in the Himalayas while supporting remote Himalayan villages. These trips are a unique opportunity to combine a physical challenge with an altruistic fundraising campaign.

Currently, we are planning a trip to Kenya or Tanzania in late 2018. If you are interested in joining us, please reach out to us today for more information on this exciting development.

Have another idea for a charity challenge for your university, school, or other organization? Reach out to us! We are more than happy to work with you to design the trekking or charity challenge of your preference. Working alongside Adventure Alternative, we can provide a top level fundraising and adventure travel experience in the country of your choice.

Fundraising for a Charity Challenge

In order to promote transparency and honesty, we separate the costs of all our charity challenges into two parts: the logistical cost and the fundraising target.

All logistical costs for any trip with us are paid directly to Adventure Alternative. As a fully licensed tour company, they are responsible for all the logistics of the trip both beforehand and in-country.

The fundraising amount is donated directly to Moving Mountains. We keep the amounts separate so that you can be certain all the money you donate to Moving Mountains goes directly to our communities and the people we work for. Your donation will be going to a good cause, and not to pay for your travels.

At Moving Mountains, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, adhere to Fair Trade Volunteering guidelines and striving to always work in transparent ways. A charity challenge with us is a unique opportunity to get involved in our work on the ground while challenging yourself to become a better version of you.

If you’re interested in joining a charity challenge with us, please contact us today!